Keynote Address – “Together We Can”, David Thompson

Together We Can

The regions of Emilia Romagna in Italy and the Basque Region of Spain are the homes of the two most vibrant regional cooperative economies in the worlds. What can we learn from them to practice here? We have the tools do we have the will?

David Thompson is a pioneer in the Cooperative movement, nationally and internationally.  As the Keynote Speaker for this year’s conference, Thompson will situate cooperatives within a historicaglobal context in order to examine the role of co-ops in today’s world.  Known for his forward thinking and innovation, Thompson will conclude his talk with a look at the future of cooperatives.  Here is a sneak peek at David Thompson.

Thompson has an impressive list of accolades and interests, all relating to Cooperatives, and he understands the important role that co-ops play in their local and regional communities. Thompson is currently the President of Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation, one of the largest co-op funder of cooperatives in the nation.  Under Thompson’s leadership, TPCF has created Cooperative Community Funds for almost 30 US cooperatives.  Thompson authored Weavers of Dreams: Founders of the Modern Cooperative Movement (1994), and co-authored Cooperation Works! (1996) and A Day in the Life of Cooperative America (1994).  In addition to these works, Thompson has written over 300 articles, many of which have been translated and published around the world. Here is a list of some of his publications.

Join us on Saturday, February 6, 2016 at 4pm for what is sure to be an informative and inspiring talk!  This event is free of charge for conference goers!
Community members that would like to attend have two options:
  • Option A: Attend David Thompson’s talk followed by a catered reception –  $10 (no host bar).
  • Option B: Attend David Thompson’s talk, the catered reception, and the three course Local Foods Dinner – $30 (no host bar).
    • If you are unable to attend David Thompson’s speech but would like to join us for the Local Foods Dinner – $25.

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