Carpool and Roomshare

We know that conferences can cost a lot of money.  In an effort to mitigate costs as much as possible and reduce carbon emissions we are encouraging ridesharing/carpooling and roomsharing.  If you need a ride, have extra space in your car, have a extra space in your house or hotel room, or need space to sleep/are looking to split the cost of a hotel room please use the comment below to let us know.  We will do our best to connect everyone and help you cut costs!


Photo Credit: Sommerset Academy
Photo Credit: Sommerset Academy






3 thoughts on “Carpool and Roomshare

  1. I may be interested in riding with someone. My car is not great for icy roads; or I would offer to drive. I’m based in Olympia and plan to attend all three days.


    phone contact is fine: 360-412-1519, just introduce yourself as Cooperative Roots person.

  2. Hi! My name is Kathryn and I am coming from Portland to participate in the conference. I am looking for a place to stay Friday and Saturday evening, possibly Sunday evening depending on travel arrangements. I am perfectly fine on a couch or floor. I am quiet, an early riser, and don’t require much to be comfortable. Additionally, I would be interested in a rideshare from Portland to cut down on costs. I am fairly flexible as to when I need to leave.

  3. Hi, I have space in my car if someone is looking to share a ride to Spokane. I’ll be leaving from the Skagit Valley but meeting in Seattle on the way would work to.
    Send me an e-mail:
    Thank you!

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